Bored out? Read on!

Every morning the same chirping of your alarm breaking into your dreams..your hands reaching out for the “Snooze swipe” (no longer a button thankfully)  and then rushing off against your long lost aspiration for wonder you are freaked out!

How about saving the 100 bucks from that unnecessary sip of cappuccino and an evening on the sluggish bus instead of the self called fight over the metre box?

No no..not to appease your soul by giving your eyes a treat of a piling up bank account (though that would be no less appeasing)..hold on there’s more..

Watching instagram flood with posts of a good night’s sleep under the opening out to gasping views and food which makes your tongue tickle in the quest of it each time the guy off your table takes a proud day off leaving you wonder at his management..and you still counting on your bills and shifting your travel plans light years that your plans till you retire and perish among the insects? Not a worthy living right?

So changed your mind after reading this repeat broadcast of every travel magazine’s intro? Yes? Then let me tell you more.

A week in the college hostel and you will soon watch the dreams of a beautiful college life built through all the posts you have kept on saving since your plus two’s tumble down like a house of cards. A day or two you try to focus on the suited man blaring out before the likes of you and from the third your fingers are scrolling over your timeline camouflaged with your physics book. Quite against the paradise you had had in mind!

Some days you are up and even the touch of the wrought iron of the hostel bed gets on your nerves keep aside the people. The room feels like a ghetto where you will be living out the rest of your days and even the whirl of the campus winds blows out your patience. 
So the solution? Home? 

End sems up and over and finally the long craved month’s off. You enter home burdenless fall om your bed with the “3 mistakes of your life”- the laptop, the phone and the remote well within your reach and soon you have no idea how 72 hours of your vacations have swept away and you are back to that ghetto feeling..except that this time its your own bedroom!

No seeming way out..thats sad! But thats how it is!

There comes the magic of leaving off with your backback. Trust me..a day off your place with a mood to completely soothe with the ambience and a mind not to think but to observe the beauty of the surroundings will go a long way in making your perceptions less cynical about life..its pleasures far different from completing off a new series or trying out a new brand of the shot! Even a couple of days away justifying Dalai Lama’s words.. “At least once a year, You must visit a place you have never visited before”..and you will find yourself a lot more freshened up. It wont cut short your load but would surely help you resolve your own issues with glee.

Perhaps its the kind of joy a toddler has at the thought of the fun he will have once he is done with his finals. Thats nostalgic right? So why not giving it another shot? May be cut down your brand fascinations and stale luxuries and live life a bit?

Great day ahead -)


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