It was not the first time, but whenever he found his favourite closet in this strange new place occupied, he could not help but feel furious! It was love at first sight for him and perhaps his ‘self claimed’ versatility gave him the liberty of this non-human affair.

 A boring lecture, an unsolved numerical, a down to the earth marksheet, a lost debate, a quarrel with mom or even a fight with his roommate over who was to refill the water bottles; she had always been there to console him.

Quitely on the seventh floor she stood like a manequin, a testimony of his grief, his sorrow, his hours when he could not gulp down his feeling to runaway, the listener to his unspoken words – she had become a part of his day, a fragment of his soul. How flesh and blood could mingle up with the rugged walls was yet an unsolved equation.

It was his best retreat in this loop of regrets, the seventh floor balcony. Overlooking the echoing waters which futiously occupied most of the view below and the silhouette of the green hill blocking the front, no wonder he had chosen the right soulmate of the hour.

His love was not of the kind which could tire you, it could never make you feel accustomed to its touches and that was the magic of it. The fresh dew filled first glance in the morning, as the befronting hill rose in the engulfing mist and the ever accompanied gushing of the Teesta far below, which never seemed to get outbreathed; to the darkness of the night, when the hill seemed like a huge eternal wall, twinkling with lights from its residents – oh what a view, and then the starry backdrop to everything you could see. You could spend hours trying to identify the constellations, hours feeling the breeze wipe away your soul and the gush of the waters blocking your killing thoughts. The river was his favourite though.

He had watched the river closely, like a child, which grew all through the winters from a narrow line to its furious glory in the rains and again withered in its lost battle against the freezing snow till like an old man it let itself receede to a line again only to grow over a new life. And that loop was what pleased him. That was his elixir in this estranged place away from his home. He knew he had found the most chased after person of all, that one who was not easy to catch – he knew that in his involuntary quest, he had ended up finding himself!

Good day dear reader-)


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